Beef and Barley Soup


California has had a lot of rain this past week. We have gotten week after week of rain in the Bay Area.  I was recently in Southern California and was amazed by the number of trees that had been blown over by wind and rain. One of my favorite things about a rainy day is hunkering down and enjoying a warm bowl of soup. At least once over the winter I make beef and barley stew to enjoy on a cool rainy night. It is a very filling soup and it makes a large batch, so it easily feeds my family for a week.  Continue Reading!

Chicken Chili



I love chicken chili! I crave it as soon as the weather cools down. In the 6 years that I have been married I have never made chicken chili … until now. This week I decided to surprise my husband with the best chicken chili EVER! I made this delicious chili, and I told my husband I made chili for dinner (not specifying what kind of chili). He was super excited because he loves chili.

When he got home and served himself a big bowl of chili his automatic response was “What is this? You tricked me.” I responded by saying “It is white chicken chili. Try it!” He ate the chicken chili and after one bite said, “Oh this is really good” He liked it so much that he ate the chili for lunch and dinner the next day.

This chili is the perfect meal for cool evening to warm you up, especially before a long night of Trick or Treating on Halloween! Continue Reading